Monday, December 24, 2007

Win $250 and more!

Saphrym is giving away $250 and 1000 entrecard credits to bring some traffic to his blog and also to celebrate his daughters birthday

Also Tech Jaws is giving away a 125x125 adspot, a link in his sidebar, and a sponsored review.
You just need to subscribe to his rss feed and leave a comment telling that you did that.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

1000 Entrecard credits contest

Toast & Egg & me is having a contest for 1000 entrecard credits. They have 10 prizes each 100 entrecard credits but only 5 people have entered so far and the contest is ending the 25th So you have a good chance of getting something :) For all the people who don't know what entrecard is It's a free ad exchange network where you can buy ads on other site's using entrecard points which you gain by displaying ads on your site or dropping your card on other people's widget.

Big Bald man is giving away Ipod touch and more!

The Big Bald blog is having a giveaway with an Ipod 8GB touch, 500 Entrecard Credits, A total blog review from Mike over at Bloggin-Ads, and Some cool Big Pappa Worldwide gear.

I mainly want the 500 Entrecard credits and the total blog review because I've started a new blog and would like to give it a boost of traffic, although a Ipod touch can always come in handy :)
you can see rules on entering and so-on on his contest page

Thursday, December 20, 2007

A call for help! Please vote for me

Please vote for me (I'm the 21th) on the Thinking blog poll!
The thinking blog poll has 77 entries the one that's most voted on the 25th of December get's a Ruff PC laptop.
I really need this laptop(I have to use public computers to blog) so voting for me(I'm the 21th) will be the kindest thing you can do for me this holiday season!

BTW: If you vote for me I'll give you a link in my blogroll :)

Monday, December 17, 2007

I Wanna Win The USB Memory Watch

Easy Wordpress is giving away some really crazy Christmas gifts like the Sonic Boom Alarm Clock with Bed Shaker and some pretty cool ones like the USB Memory Watch.

Here's a list of the prizes they offer:

Gift 1 - Yoda Plush Backpack
Wanna carry Yoda on your back just like Luke Skywalker did? In return, Yoda will carry your books, laptop, clothes or whatever else you want him to carry.

Gift 2 - Sonic Boom Alarm Clock with Bed Shaker
The Sonic Bomb Clock has an adjustable volume alarm with a maximum loudness of 113 decibels (just for reference, a jackhammer is about 100 decibels!) And the bed shaker does just that. Slip it under your mattress and your ears will bleed and your bed will shake, and there is no way you will oversleep.

Gift 3 - Marshmallow Shooter
It is easy to fire and reload, making it perfect for quick attacks (or rapid defense). Holds up to 20 mini-marshmallows or you can use the foam pellets provided.

Gift 4 - USB Memory Watch
No time to back up your files? With the USB Memory Watch, you literally do.

This watch shows you the time (duh..) but also lets you store up to 2GB of data into it’s built-in flash memory stick.

Gift 5 - Spaceman Moppel LED Light
The Space Man Moppel is the perfect buddy for the sci-fi lover. Each foot has two power magnets, so the Space Man can stand in almost any pose, any direction, and any gravity! The arms, legs, and neck are super bendy, too.

One hand is molded to hold a cable or two, and the other is a strong alligator clip for securing notes, thin wires, or anything else your mind can imagine. With a push of the button, your Space Man Moppel’s head will illuminate an area of your workspace in a soft, white, LED glow. And there is nothing as lovely as an LED glow.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Contest Pileup

1.Money and Reviews
Blog About Your Blog is giving away several different prizes mainly money, and reviews.
Even though a lot of people contributed to the contest the main sponsor is NeverBlueAds.

2.Ipod Nano or Tour Tickets
Trusted Tours and Attractions is giving away either an Ipod Nano or tour tickets.
All you have to do is sign up for their newsletter.

3.Nintendo Wii
Contest Beat is giving away a Nintendo Wii thanks to their contest sponsor CellForCash

You know when you buy a new phone you don't know what you should do with your other one?
You can Sell your cellphone to Cell For Cash so you get rid of your phone at the same time you make some money.

4. 5k laptop
WoW Insider is giving away a 5k Dell XPS M1730 World of Warcraft Edition laptop.
All you have to do is leave them a comment on their contest post telling them whether you want a Horde or Alliance Edition before December 21

5.DotSauce Giveaway
DotSauce is giving away cash, games, and a Ipod shuffle in their giveaway.
You just need to subscribe to her feed via email and leave a comment telling which prize you would like best!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

More than $1000 cash in prizes

Thor Schrock’s is giving a way more than $1500 in prizes with his Secret Classroom Blog Contest.
All you have to do is add him to your blog roll and make a blog post as simple as this

I am entering Thor Schrock’s Secret Classroom Blog Contest
and ya I am entering Thor Schrock’s Secret Classroom Blog Contest ;)

P.S: you can get up to 29 entries.